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Il Cigno cooperativa sociale

Il Cigno was born on 21 October 1985 in Sarsina from a group of nine young people between the ages of 18 and 25 who were attending a course for assistance workers. After the establishment, the Cooperative Il Cigno took its first steps in the Savio Valley, then in the Municipality of Cesena, up to expanding its range of action, especially in the elderly area in a first period and after Il Cingo extended its intervention to several kind of vulnerabilities and frialties ( disabled people, homelesses, psychiatric rehabilitation, childhood) and its action reached the whole Italian territory.
Il Cigno has been involved in welcoming and helping homelesses and people in conditions of serious marginalization and social fragility in Rome area for the past twenty years, starting with the management, begun in 2002, of the city emergency social and proximity service called SOS, but also through the management of reception, taking charge and care of people hosted at the reception center called "Mother Teresa of Calcutta" since 2005 and at the "San Michele" Center since 2017.
In the Rome area, it works in synergy with the community and with the social and health services system, knowing its resources, processes, problems and paths, in the management of personal services, with a specific focus on marginality and the social emergency.

Stichting Life Goals

The Life Goals Foundation (in Dutch: Stichting Life Goals Nederland) stimulates the participation of socially excluded people in our society through sport. Sport gets people moving. Literally, but also in the sense that sport offers inspiration to pick up life again. The foundation was founded in 2010.
Life Goals offers customized sports programs. Sport is our means to give participants the confidence to make something of their lives. With our programs we manage the personal development of our participants. Sport offers the possibilities to socialize and to build a social network. The feeling of belonging somewhere. A feeling that every person needs.
Mission Life Goals Netherlands wants to contribute to a society in which nobody is offside. We use the power of sport to inspire people to participate again. Vision Life Goals Netherlands develops sports programs to realize social goals. Within all our programs we use the core elements of sport as a metaphor for life. With this we inspire people who do not (even) save it themselves.

Megálló Csoport Alapítvány

Megálló Group Foundation – is a community where addicted people can go to seek help. It started out as a treatment center catered to hard drug users (heroin and meth), but over the years it has grown and changed a lot. Megálló functions as an alternative school, and accredited teachers give lessons like maths, history, and Hungarian and English language.
The students that attend the school are usually referred to Megálló because they have behavioural problems, addiction problems, or their parents are worried they’re hanging out with the wrong crowd and they want to put their kids in an environment that is more closely monitored. The goal is for these kids to finish high school and earn a diploma.
Megálló offers a lot of different therapy programs that reflect the personalities and experiences of their organizers. In general, academic classes take place in the morning and in the afternoon begin a variety of therapy groups and programs (art&sport).


APDES is an NGDO founded in 2004. Our purpose is to carry out interventions aimed at improving access to health, employment and education in vulnerable communities and publics, working to empower people in different territories.

Vision/ Mission: We believe that we can be a responsible and an active social transformation agent, promoting global citizenship and integrated development. Through technical, scientific and political action improve the living conditions of people and communities in vulnerable situations.

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