Project Push


Following the PIP (Project Internal Plan) agreed and validated during the first transnational meeting in Rome leaded by CIGNO, WP 2 was launched.

The second work package leaded by APDES which provides for a research and analysis of existing good practices at national and international level concerning sport as a tool for inclusion. as part of the WP2, a survey was launched aimed at homeless people, organizations working in this area and sports organizations in order to analyze the three points of view and integrate them.

The direct involvement of homeless people really wants to undermine a top-down welfare approach that drops the proposals from above on the beneficiary in favor of an approach that promotes empowerment and inclusion starting from the self-determination of homeless people and their desires, not only from their needs.

 The methodology of the survey, translated into the 4 languages of the partners, provides for two methods of administration:

– After an introduction to the research objectives, homeless people will be given a real structured interview by social workers on a voluntary basis

– The self-administration survey will be offered to the Organizations by sending it via email or through a googleform

The 4 partners (Cigno, SLG, APDES; MEGALLO) are disseminating the survey to their national network of stakeholders and the results will be processed and shared  through a report and 4 webinars.

The information collected will mainly be of a qualitative nature and will allow the 4 partners to better understand the expectations, knowledge and culture of the 3 categories involved.

The ambitious goal is to have at least 200 questionnaires and interviews to then process the data in a second phase and share them through a report and a webinar for each country involved.

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