Project Push

Start Life Goals Coordinators Course

The SLG office filled itself with many new faces on Thursday November 23rd. Aside from regular Life Goals colleagues, 10 new coordinators of Life Goals projects throughout the Netherlands were present to start their 3-day coordinators course. All of them are people that share PUSH’s aim to promote equal opportunity and social inclusion through sport. The purpose of the course was to create sports activities for people in socially vulnerable positions in the Netherlands which overlaps the goal of the PUSH project.

The day started at 10 in the morning. After a cup of coffee and an introductory round, in which everyone informed the others who they were, what they do and what their purpose for Life Goals is, one of Life Goals’ ambassadors shared his story. Jasper Lamboo, a man that embodies Life Goals and its purpose, explained his lifepath containing addiction and depression and how SLG played a role in it. It is always a touching story and is a clear example of how SLG works, as well as portrays that ex-participants of Life Goals can be beneficial for sharing Life Goals their story. The first-hand experience is truly valuable to put forward in the foundation.

After a delicious Italian sandwich or two, the coordinators got a preview of a Life Goals session. Together with Dico they played a game in which communication was key to succeed. Such sessions are key parts of the Life Goals method and topics such as collaboration or communication are always the focus point. The rest of the method was then explained to the coordinators, followed by an afternoon in which we created local collaborations in every municipalities. These collaborations are an essential part of the PUSH guidelines and are important for the success of the sports activities. The goal for all coordinators is to also put up such projects in the future, to reach as many target people as possible.

Day one ended around 4 in the afternoon. On the 14th of December the second day is planned. Let’s hope that just as many insights, ideas and success stories can be shared that day.

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